Mad Max Flutes
Handcrafted Indian Style Love Flutes - Mountain Man - Tall Tales 
  Max Skabelund
"Mad Max" Skabelund is a reenactor of the Fur Trade era; an active member of the primitive club called the Powder Horn Clan for over 20 years, an accomplished teller of humorous stories of the Mountain Man and has developed his character as Mad Max (his medicine name). He shares this talent both civically and professionally. Max is located in Mesa, Arizona and is a member of the local flute circle there.

Max has been active with the Boy Scouts of America for 40+ years and is now serving as a resource person for the local district using his skills and persona as a Mountain Man. He was recently honored by the local district for his years of service and influence in the Varsity Scout Mountain Man program. He was presented with a large stone carving of he & his wife, Karen, that was professionally done by Kim Westbrook. He also enjoys oil painting of the Southwest and enjoys creating handcrafted Native-American Style Love flutes. Flute music is uplifting to his spirit and Max feels that the flute sounds are celestial.

In his many years of flute making, Max has become a master craftsman of the trade and is well-known in local flute circles for his ability to create flutes that have a unique mellow sound and play easily with good volume! No two flutes are exactly alike. He commonly uses walnut, cedar, mesquite, cherry and a few other exotic woods like Purple Heart. All flutes are digitally tuned and are reasonably priced.

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