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Handcrafted Indian Style Love Flutes - Mountain Man - Tall Tales 
"Mad Max's flutes not only look great, but they have such a beautiful sound.  I can easily express my music through his flutes and I'm very connected with them.  I'm very honored to own several of his flutes."

-Nate Tsosie
  "I’ve been playing and falling in love with the Native American flute for about 7 years now. I started playing Max’s flutes about 2 years ago, I now have five. Every one of them has their own songs to teach. I find them very comfortable to play, especially since I have short fingers, the holes are easy to reach and cover. The mouthpiece is also great. Then there is the sound ......I find when I play Max’s flutes every note that is played, takes me on a beautiful journey of expression. When playing these flutes I feel like I’m flying to the highest of realms connecting will ALL Relations. You can touch the sky, the earth, the water and flow with the wind in the music. Once you have one of Max’s flutes you will want more.

Thank you Max, for creating these wonderful instruments and may they bring Love & Light to all who play and hear them.

On the Path of the Feather……"

Monica Little 

Healing Spirit

   “This exceptionally well made flute has a wonderfully clear and big voice. The tone is full from high to low allowing more expression than what I thought possible in a Native American flute. Thank you MadMax for making such quality flutes.”

Tom in Steamboat Springs, CO.
  " I bought my first flute, made from cherry wood, from Max in 2005. Six months later I bought another from him, birch with a bright musical tone. Several months later I made one under his supervision, a deep mellow F# from mahogany and African purple heart.
    There is something spiritual and peaceful about this music. I can’t stop playing and have, much to my surprise, played in coffee shops with a guitarist and in the ancient Incan city, Machu Picchu in South America. This music seems to cross all barriers of culture and language.
Thank you, Max, for being a part of my Native American Flute journey. You are a superb craftsman. It fascinates me that you continue to learn new techniques of the craft and constantly improve your product. Your flutes always have rich tones as well as being works of art. They are a pleasure to view, and play. I have never been disappointed in any of them. Keep developing your talent and artistry, and I’ll probably be back for yet another!
     I recommend flutes by Mad Max without reservation. They are truly things of beauty, with a history stretching back centuries."

George Self - Mesa, AZ 

   "Just thought I'd let you know that you have one well-travelled flute...I took the Paduak A flute I got from you to Italy with me.  It has now made music on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, in Rome, and at the ruins of Pompei (where people stopped to listen)!
    It travelled beautifully...a great size to put in my suitcase (well protected, of course), and it felt great to be able to play while on vacation!
   Thanks for a great little flute." 

Jane Campbell - Wexford, PA
  "I'm the guy from France who bought a G flute from you in Mesa.  I've been playing it every day and I'm really enjoying it.  The sound is beautiful.  I've been practicing with a tuner and the flute is very much in tune.  I'm even able to play notes outside the pentatonic scale and have them in tune, sometimes half-covering holes.

The native american style flute has really introduced me to many new things.  I was not very familiar with the pentatonic minor scale.  I was also not familiar with many of the NAF artists such as Carlos Nakai.  This flute has really got me on a new musical direction (I typically play classical piano, jazz saxophone, & Irish Whistle).  I plan to use this inspiration to write some original songs for the flute.  When I get one finished I will send it to you.  I'll also take it with me next time I go to Paris and get a photo of that too. ;)

I'm sure I'll want to buy another flute the next time I'm in town so I hope we can keep in touch.  Thanks for the flute and I want to especially thank you for being available on such short notice on a busy holiday weekend.  Without you I would have went back to France without a flute."

Michael Mattox - Paris France

I have been playing the Native American flute professionally for over ten years and during that time I have played and purchased a lot of flutes made by various makers across the United States and Canada. The overall finish and appearance of a flute is important to me but it doesn’t matter how good it looks on stage if it isn’t tuned properly or have a good voice! In September 2011. I was at the Yosemite Flute Festival with my wife and while walking around to visit various vendors we stopped by Mad Max’s booth and started talking with him about his flutes. After talking with a flute maker for a few minutes I can tell if he is sincere and connected to the one-leggeds and spirit of the flute. I have to say that I was very impressed with his gentle spirit and kind nature and the obvious care he puts into his craft!

I played about 20-30 of his well crafted pieces of art and each one was tuned to perform and very reasonably priced! When I perform on stage and when I record I play flutes softly and rip on them as well so getting a lot of volume without the flute cracking or changing pitch is imperative and I liked the voices and performance of every one of Max’s flutes that I played! I liked Max’s flutes so much that I ended up getting two of them and will be using them when I tour and record!

There are a lot of wonderful, talented flute makers out there and I do not like to compare them because each one has his own style but meeting Mad Max and his wonderful wife put a smile on our faces and we made some new friends! When you play one of Max’s flutes you will see that he puts his heart and soul into each flute! You will not be disappointed!

Mark ThunderWolf

Walk in beauty...always, 

Dear Max,
Thank you for the flute. I love it!

From the first time I played it, it is a total joy.  It looks good and it never wets out.  The wood is beautiful and I love your "signature" mouthpiece.
Jane in La Verkin, UT.
Jonny Lipford On Stage   I am now the proud owner of a Mad Max low Cm flute made of eastern cedar. The voice is warm, rich and bold - a perfect combination not only for the key; but also for a performance flute! It's right in pitch and clarity. The craftsmanship is to be well noted and the super comfortable mouth piece, too! I can tell that Max cares about his product and his customers. I would recommend anyone that's in the market for a good flute to try a Mad Max flute!

-Jonny Lipford

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